High-Conflict Divorce

girl blocking out argumentSome couples find themselves in a situation of high conflict. Every case is different. Sometimes, it seems that money is  the only language left that has any meaning between them. Sometimes one of the parties is unreasonable, and sometimes both are. The consequence is not only to delay conclusion of the litigation between them, but also to drive attorney’s fees through the roof.

I routinely handle such high-stress cases. My goal is to bring peace to the parties, and especially to their children. But when we cannot settle, the matter will be left to a judge to decide after vigorous litigation of issues presented in a case.

The law encourages parties to settle.  Sometimes, the Court finds that one of the parties has conducted litigation in a way that frustrates settlement and prolongs litigation. If that happens, the Court can order the uncooperative party to pay the other party’s attorney’s fees.

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